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Medical Coverage

Access to an affordable and comprehensive group medical coverage plan.

 Technical Education Degree Requirements

Depending on the employer, software engineer education degree requirements range from an associates degree to a masters degree. An associates degree might be sufficient for some entry-level positions, but a bachelors degree is required for most software engineering jobs, while more complex jobs might require a masters degree. Employers place a high value on relevant experience, so it is recommended that you participate in internships while pursuing your degree..

Training with Job

Computer software engineers typically earn their bachelor's degree in computer science, mathematics, or computer information systems. Employers tend to prefer applicants who have earned four-year degrees in these or related fields, although some computer software engineer jobs are held by people with no more formal education than a high school diploma or associate degree..

Employee Referral Bonus

 Employee referral of new candidates has provided http:// with outstanding, new talent to grow. To enhance and continue this preferred resource, http:// offers an employee referral bonus and award program to employees who refer candidates for hire.