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IT Services & Staffing

For many years, Imtechnologies has provided highly accomplished software professionals for short- and long-term contract assignments, as well as permanent positions in companies nation-wide

Whether you are building a large data warehouse for your enterprise or a series of small data marts for your business, we can design the right database for you..

Imtechnologies is specialized in offering the customized searches to suit the client needs and requirements. And most importantly Customer�s security it our higher priority..

What We Offer


Imtechnologies has been providing open technology consulting services in Java and .Net and remote expert consultants for customers around the world since 2006, and we can get your java or .net project done in the most efficient manner possible, utilizing the global power of the web. Whether your custom project involves high-traffic server-side software or a simple banner applet, we�ll complete your project quickly, within your price range, and without hassles. While a written specification is always best for a consulting project, we can help you get started even if you only have a rough idea of the project. We�ll help guide you through the process of project specification, design, implementation and deployment, providing a summary of options at each stage.  .

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Focus on Efficiency


Imtechnologies business model is based on the fact that software projects have the lowest risk when the resources assigned to them have direct experience with the required technologies, application types, and market segments. For certain tasks, the internet (and the associated killer app, email) provides an amazing ability to cheaply apply the world�s most appropriate resource to a particular project � no matter where the customer or that resource is based. Our process is very smooth: often we can get contracts done and get started within just a few days of your initial contact. During the boom our median time between initial contact and �work start� (contracts completed) was 8 days. Things have slowed a bit since then. .

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